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Azuir is an branding that includes Azuir, asogen, and other projects. (This also includes partner projects)

Azuir: Azuir is a discord alternative made using bubble

Asogen: Asogen is a twitter alternative made using bubble

Lexus: Lexus is an old project made in scratch (Might be back but be made using bubble) ???

YESTION: YESTION is a question page where someone answer any question you have (real person, not AI)

classictoria: classictoria is a old Roblox revival

Vidsurf: (indev) Vidsurf is an Youtube alternative

orjgreoepjrwopw: (soon) is an Youtube / trashbook alternative by the same creators of Vidsurf

AnimasterTube: AnimasterTube is an YouTube alternative made on Yooco



ClassicToria is an old roblox revival, made by TCDoraemon but since he quitted old roblox (hes back anyways), MagallanesNOTMapping has ownership now, anyways, this is the classictoria blog, info and updates about ctoria